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Top 10 WWE Wrestlers 2016:

WWE is the world’s largest wrestling Promotion Company in the world with a viewership of 36 million across 150 countries. WWE matches are not actually legit matches but are entertainment and story driven where the matches are scripted, still that hasn’t stopped millions from tuning into WWE for more than a quarter decade. Though scripted, WWE wrestlers are some of the most popular and highly paid athletes in the world. And there are many great wrestlers and hottest WWE Divas who made millions out of this profession. Here is a look at the Top 10 WWE Wrestlers 2016.

Top Wrestlers


Antonio Cesaro

Top 10 WWE wrestlers



Randy Ortan

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers



Finn Balor

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers



Adrian Neville

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers



Dean Ambrose

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers



Roman Reigns

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers



Brock Lesnar

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers



Kevin Owens

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers



Jhon Cena

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers


Seth Rollins

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers






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