Top 10 Tallest Women in the World

Ten Tallest Women In The World

Top Ten Tallest Women in the World

World ten tallest women list are under below.

Sr No.
Name ( Height)
Yao Defen ( 7ft, 8 inches )
Sandy Allen ( 7ft, 7.5 inches )
Malgorzata Dydek ( 7 ft, 2inches )
Zainab Bibi ( 7 ft, 2inches )
Uljana Semjonova ( 7 feet )
Gitika Srivastava ( 6ft, 11 inches )
Malee Duangdee ( 6ft, 10inches)
Caroline Welz ( 6 ft, 9 inches )
Rita Miniva Besa ( 6ft, 8 inches)
Heather Greene ( 6ft,5.5 inches)


1} Yao Defen


Born in China, this woman rules the list due to a medical disorder, weighing 200kg and having a feet 26(UK), 78(EU) large. A height of 7ft, 8 inches makes her the tallest woman on earth alive. She died at the age of 40 years, on November 13, 2012. Yao was born in a very poor family of farmers in Liuan in Shucheng.When she was three, she had a diet about three times the diet of the children of her age. When eleven, she was 6ft, 2 inches. She was 6’9 when she was 15 years old. She did not get a treatment for an illness when she was 15 since her family couldn’t afford it. That’s how her story started. She was very weak to be a sports star. She actually couldn’t be properly treated due to lack of funds. The TLC cable network paid a tribute to her life by devoting a night’s show to her life in 2009. A bleeding in brain was also a problem. She was relieved when she recovered. She also visited the tallest man in China.Now she is 1st in the list of world ten tallest women.

2}  Sandy Allen


Sandy Allen is the second in the least. Being next to the tallest woman on the earth, Sandy was the tallest till 1976 before her death in 2008. A Guinness Book world record breaker, she was 7ft, 7.5 tall.  Sandy’s book, Cast a giant shadow is included in Guinness book of world record since 1976. The tumor was in her pituitary gland that triggered the release of her growth hormones. She went to a surgery too, but in vain. Sandy used a wheelchair to support herself in later years. She faced many health problems due to her height. She was bedridden and spent the last years of her life Indiana.

3} Malgorzata Dydek


Born in US she is a member of US basketball team because of her good height. She is 7 ft, 2inches tall. Malgorzata played for the Connection Sun in WNBA and trained the Northside Wizards as a coach in Queensland league. Born on 28th April 1974, she played for Colorado Xplosion in Poland. She was married to David Twigg, her boyfriend in Gdynia. They moved to Brisbane after marriage. They had two children, David and Alexander.


4} Zainab Bibi


The fourth tallest woman in the world, Zainab Bibi is from Pakistan who moved to Britain because her family was annoyed with her tall height. She is 7 ft, 2inches tall. She demanded for a place to stay but her asylum petition was rejected in 2009 however, she was granted a stay of two years in Britain in a council flat that is rent free in Greater Manchester..Now she is 4th in the list of world ten tallest women.


5} Uljana Semjonova

Uijana Semjonova

5th in the list, the best basketball woman player on the planet in 1970-80’s, this woman is from Latvian and has a height of 7 feet. She was also known as a basket ball player with the largest feet. She wears men’s size footwear, 21(US)/58(EU). Uijana played basket ball for TTT Riga (Voluntary Sports Society). She was a winner of 15 championships in Soviet Union, European Champions Cup about 15 times. She was an excellent player setting records at international levels too.


6} Gitika Srivastava

Gitika Srivastava

This woman is a talented basket ball player with a height of 6ft, 11 inches and is an Indian. Being the 6th tallest woman in the planet, she’s an inspiration for many people in India. Her father was also a part of basket ball team and was 7ft, 4inches tall.


7} Malee Duangdee


Tallest woman in Thailand, Malee is the second tallest woman in Asia. A height of 6ft, 10inches due to an abnormality in growth because of tumor makes her the 7th largest woman on the planet. She has a weight of 127 kg. She’s tallest in her place. Her only way to have a normal life was a shrinking tumor drug which was very expensive for her family to afford..Now she is 7th in the list of world ten tallest women.


8} Caroline Welz


Having a height of 6 ft, 9 inches, this woman is from Germany. She’s very popular in Germany and her height is an inspiration for many people in the country. She’s a girl much taller than most of the girls of her age, yet an inspiration for the people worldwide. There are many tall people in Germany, but Caroline is different, she’s the tallest.


9} Rita Miniva Besa1

Top 10 Tallest Women in the World 2015

This woman is from Zimbabwe but resides now in US. Her height is 6ft, 8 inches and she is a member of basketball team in US because of her good height. Being extraordinarily tall is a blessing for some people, Rita is one of those. A great basketball player, famous and talented, what else would a girl dream of.

10} Heather Greene

Top 10 Tallest Women in the World 2015

The first woman we talk about is from Las Vegas. Born as an American, she’s about 6ft, 5.5 inches tall and is very popular in USA. She’s respected in USA because of her height. Clothes and health maybe a problem to maintain, but it’s just okay when you get fame and respect in return..Now she is 10th in the list of world ten tallest women.





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