MacBook Air vs 12-inch MacBook

MacBook Air vs 12-inch MacBook

MacBook Air vs 12-inch MacBook

Nowadays everyone is using Apple brands weather its phone or laptop its a very common and popular fashion today we comapre MacBook Air vs 12-inch MacBook, in which i am going to tell you some very knowledgeable things about MacBook Air vs 12-inch MacBook, in this artical we will let you know all the features about MacBook Air vs 12-inch MacBook Should you spend an extra $300 for the 12-inch MacBook are you? apple 12 inch macbook air  In terms of portability, the MacBook weighs nearly a full pound lighter than the 13-inch Air. The MacBook also has a smaller but much sharper 2304 x 1440-pixel macbook air 12 inch case display that’s not only brighter, but shows more colors and more reliable you can watch in the picture below MacBook Air vs 12-inch MacBook.

However,MacBook Air vs. 12-inch MacBook the Air trumps the MacBook when it comes to performance and endurance. The Air’s Core i5 processor beats the MacBook’s Core M processor at every turn, and its flash memory is 100 MBps faster than the MacBook’s. The Air’s battery life also bested the MacBook’s (8 hours and 43 minutes) by more than 5 hours. Most important,MacBook Air vs 12-inch MacBook the MacBook has just one port (USB-C), so you’ll need to buy adapters if you want to charge the notebook and plug in another device at the same time their are some more info about MacBook Air vs 12-inch MacBook below


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