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This year there are many causalities,news and other stuff including the Jobs.


As everyone need a high pay and luxury as well as easiest (too) jobs.But hearing about the some of the jobs we afraid very well too.


A site CareerCast came out with a new and informative report on the jobs related to this month, the report are not quite dead but is endangered.


The report is the mixture normally jobs  expecting the typist, DJ’s, Programmers.


The major causes behind this situation is automation and outsourcing.


As CareerCast Wrote:


“Job markets constantly evolve for a variety of reasons, but consumer habits and technology are two of the primary reasons why some jobs have a poor outlook.”


If a job is endangered,that means it has “unfavorable hiring forecast” in the upcoming year 2017 and beyond. The site get this conclusions from Bureau of Labor Statistics data.


Now, coming towards the jobs the most and No. 1 endangered jobs is expected to decline in hiring by 28 percent through 2024 and beyond. The other 10th most endangered jobs on the list that drop-off slow to 8 percent.


So, Here are the list of 10 Most Endangered Jobs in 2016 (2017 too and beyond).


  • Mail Carrier

clipart for mail carrier

                                                                       Mail Carrier
  • Typist or Word Processor

typist clipart
  • Meter Reader

meter reader guiexperience
Meter Reader
  • Jeweler

jeweler workshop guiexperience
Jeweler WorkShop
  • Insurance Underwriter

insurance document underwriter
Insurance Underwriter
  • Tailor

tailor clipart
  • Broadcaster

radio broadcaster clipart
  • Newspaper Reporter

  • Computer Programmer

Computer Progammer
Computer Programmer

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