The Hearty Dog

Animals Wearing Their Hearts On Their FUR

Animals with hearts on their fur are basically why the internet was invented.

Think about it. The internet seems to have cycles of what it cares about. Right now we care about presidents, psychotic clowns, and a gorilla. In a few months, we won’t care about any of that nonsense because we’ll be brainwashed into caring about something else. And that’s fine. I’m not passing judgement, I’m just saying that’s how the internet works.

But what remains a constant on the web is animals that make people say things like “cuteness overload” and “look at the little flufferzzzzz!!!!!! and “literally dying right now.” This is one of those articles. You know why you clicked, so let’sget to it.

  • I Like My Heart On My Butt…. 😀

    Dog Having Heart on his butt
    Heart On Butt

    Dog Having Heart On His BUtt

    The Charming Eyes……:D

    Puppy with cute eyes and heart on fur
    The Eyes

    Heart In The Centre:

penguin with heart symbol
The Penguin

     Put Your Mouth Where Your Mouth Is….. 😀

cat having heart on his mouth

     The  Cow  Has To…….But Horny

The Cow Has Horny Heart


      The Black & White Heart… :p


Bull Dog With White Heart


   The Little One…..!


The Little Cow With white heart


    The Beautiful One

Horse having heart on head


   Bigger The Cat Bigger The Heart….. 😀



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